City Tour

The tour highlights the nautical quarter of Rotterdam, situated along the Maas river and connecting the ancient harbours. This quarter has many monuments from the nautical past which escaped the bombing of the city centre by German aircraft during world war II.
The tour continues along one of the oldest harbours, now home of museum ships and harbour equipment. Around these harbours many high-rise buildings are situated. Rotterdam has the largest concentration of tall buildings in the Netherlands which contributes to its fame as city of architecture.

The tour will take you along the Schielandshuis, the former seat of the flood prevention authority built in the 17th century and located in the middle of the city centre. From here we will walk to the St Lawrence church (14th-16th century), which also survived world war II, originally a catholic church but taken over by the protestants during the reformation. The tour will end where Rotterdam began (13th century), on the dam in the river Rotte.

The starting point is on the Willemskade in front of the final stop of tram route 7, close to the metro station Leuvehaven and the Erasmus bridge.

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